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FULL DAY WINTER escursione invernale Etna   Summer
  from 09.00 to 18.30
  € 65,00 (€ 35.00 Children under 12 years old - € 55.00 Students under 26 years old)
  Price includes This Is Etna membership fee, insurance for the day and lunch.  
  Here is the itinerary for the FULL DAY SUMMER excursion:  
  Valle del Bove  
  We will reach one of the slopes of an ancient volcanic depression riding on off-road trails. We will walk along wooded paths all the way to the huge Valle del Bove where you will be shocked by breathtaking landscapes that represent all the beauty and strength of Etna.  
  Lava cave  
  A fascinating descent "inside" the volcano. We will visit the bowels of Etna to understand its evolution from the interior.  
  Eccentric and lateral craters - lava flows  
  We will take a wonderful and relaxing walk through old lava flows and ancient forests to discover one of the peculiarities of our volcano. We will see some of the 300 lateral and eccentric ancient inactive craters and lunar landscapes surrounded by pure nature.  
  Wine tasting and local products of Etna  
  A nice break to discuss about the first part of our itinerary where we will taste wines of distinct character and local delicious delicacies. We will visit cellars that are characterized by vineyards established on the hillsides of Etna where you will feel the strong connection between our people and the volcano.  
  Alcantara Gorge  
  We will end the day on the bank of the Alcantara river to admire the ancient lava flows which gave origin to these gorges. Then we will enjoy relaxing moments and a nice walk in the "fresh" river.  
  - Language: Italian and English (on demand for groups: Spanish, French and German)  
  - - All proposed itineraries have low levels of difficulties and are suitable for everyone and for all ages.
  - - For trekking fans, on demand, it is possible to organize itineraries of higher level of difficulties.  
  Tips for the excursion:  
  it is suggested to always wear comfortable clothes and walking boots that are appropriate to hard ground, never wear sandals or flip flops.
If you don't have trekking shoes or sneakers This is Etna will provide you appropriate ones on request. Renting the shoes is included in the excursion price.
Summer: at high altitude the temperatures are usually high but some days might be windy; it is suggested to wear summer clothes and a sweatshirt or a light coat.
If you are sensitive to the sun don't forget to bring sunscreen.
Winter: often the climate is harsh, with snow and rain; it is suggested to wear mountain clothes and appropriate shoes. This is Etna can provide you appropriate coats and shoes on request.
Spring and Autumn: weather conditions are changeable but usually even, a light coat will avoid any problems.
Pick Up:
- we pick you up for free at your accommodation in Catania, starting at 9:00 a.m.
- if you are staying out of Catania we will provide to organize a meeting point; it will also be included in the excursion price.
At the time of booking, please notify us of any special dietary requirements.
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