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  Route of wine and flavours  
  In Sicily, the wine culture is an ancient history; it was already present on the Island at the Second Millennium B.C. Many varieties of autochthonous grapes are still cultivated in the area and some of them exclusively on Etna: carricante, catarratto, nerello mascalese and nerello cappuccio. Some D.O.C. wines are produced from these grapes, as the Etna Rosso and the Etna Bianco.  
  The wineries achieve to establish themselves up to more than 1.300 meters.  
  The production area is dominated by the volcano which power is reminded in a constant way thanks to the lava flows on which generations of winegrowers have been growing grapes on terrace.  
  The microclimate on Etna is characterized by high temperature gaps. The soil is rich in minerals. Both factors give to these wines unique perfumes and flavors. To travel along the Wine Road of Etna and to taste other local products, is certainly the most original way to discover this area.  
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